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Find Joy in an Alzheimer’s Reality

A Different Approach to Working with Alzheimer’s

Most of us know someone or come in contact with someone who has Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. However,interacting with these individuals can be difficult. Dr. Beth Fauth, associate professor in the Human Development and Family Studies at Utah State University and graduate coordinator, provides a different approach to working with these individuals in this TEDx Talk. She suggests that those with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia live in their own reality and if we try to bring them back into our own this will cause anxiety and stress for them.

Even though these individuals can’t be in our reality we can make them feel better about their own. We can have empathy and help them work through their emotions. If someone is feeling scared, we can sit with them, hold their hand, and help them feel safe. If someone is feeling happy and excited, we can celebrate with them and enjoy that time with them.

Fauth believes we can do better at improving the quality of life for all those with dementia. Above all, we can do more than provide the basic physical needs for them. Watch the video below to hear Fauth explain her research and see how you can help those with dementia feel joy in their own reality.

At Aspen House Assisted Living and Memory Care we also believe it is important to provide the best care for our residents. We want our residents to feel loved, happy, and cared for.

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